Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Living the Dream"

I am stealing this quote from a few teachers on campus here at Pajaro Valley High School who respond to the question, "How's it going?" with "Living the Dream".  The first teacher who responded to me that way caused me to pause and chuckle because I took it as sarcasm.  He paused back and said, "well aren't you?".  He smiled and continued on and I began to ponder whether or not I was "living the dream".

Obviously the dream for educators does not reside in the salary or the students who have the perfectly honed skill of pushing every last button on a Friday afternoon.  The dream is more about the student who stays after class to ask for extra help with an assignment or watching a student pick up trash that wasn't hers.  The second semester sophomore who is finally getting to class on time after a freshman year of referrals to the office.  Two students who have a conflict are able to talk out their problems in your office without having to suspend them for fighting.  The senior who completed his last credit recovery class so he can graduate high school.  How about looking out into the crowd on graduation day and being proud of the top 10% but more importantly looking at the few faces who are sitting in those chairs because you were there to help them find their seat.  You took the extra half an hour to listen to their story, to advocate for, to guide, to mentor, to parent and to give that tough love to.  

Educators have a thankless job with customers who don't always recognize the work.  Sometimes we ourselves get wrapped up in the daily minutiae and forget what it's all about.  Make sure you are "living the dream" and if you haven't been thanked in a while for the job you do...thank you.  

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